Aug 26, 2011

Don't forget! :)

Good morning to all.
What a beautiful friday morning. :)
Life is too short to live with regret,
so colour your life.
Love more.
Smile some more.
And live.
Let this day be another blessing.

Don't forget to smile!
Take one here if you haven't smile yet today.
Remember, your smile will effect others too! :)

p/s: Oh, I just love my happy mood! :D

Aug 24, 2011

I Miss You.

Good night dear bloggy..

Just another melancholy of mine.
My heart drop into small yet complicated thought tonight.
3 more days to go..
3 more days before we met.
I'm not sure if I'm ready for this.

From my hurt and ego heart,
I hated him.
I hate him from the bottom and my deepest heart.
I hate everything he did.
For all the tears he cause.
For the man I never though he'd became.
For who he is.

But I hate myself more..
I've put so much hope.
Too much.
I'd close my eye and pretend.
That he's not what everyone think he is.
That he is someone better.
That he's willing to change for love sake.
And he love us.
Did he?

I always wish he'll just disappear.
I want him to leave us alone.
But not like this.
It just make me bleed more.
And I've been missed him a lot.

People can never understand.
They just blame and blame.
Try to put on my shoes and feel the pain.
Then you'll know..
Just only then you'll finally understand..

It's unbreakable.
The ties is too strong.
Its in my blood.

p/s: Dedicated to 'him' who will never read this.
I need to write in order to let loose. Stay cool.

Gotta Get Get!

I have lots of to-do list. 
I'm incredibly the busiest jobless creature in my very own world.
So, if you hardly hear from me these day,
FYI, I'm busy.
My to-do list:

Phew, pack enough for a day.:D

Life is too short..
so kiss slowly,
laugh insanely,
love truly,
forgive quickly.

Being happy doesn't mean everythings perfect,
it means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.

Aug 23, 2011

I'm Giving You My Heart.

I wonder what would happen if this is real.

"Hold on dear, now you are mine and I'm yours.
Keep this, its yours."


Aug 21, 2011


My long wait is over.
He's back!

Aug 12, 2011


Okay, it has been a while since I last followed any GA.
But this one was super cool. I love the beg so much!
Check this out..

Ain't it adorable?
The thing is, I just addicted to large-sized-beg.
And pink!

Hey, you won't lose anything to join.
So here I'm tagging my blogger friends:

It won't bite! :p

So these are the required entries:

1)Like her WirdaWarna facebook Page. -->check!

2)Make an entry about this Giveaway and put the banner along with it. -->check!

3)Follow her and her blogshop. -->check!

4)Tag my friends. Sharing is caring. :) -->check!

5)Done and leave my link. -->On my way! :D

One more thing, 
this Ga run from 26 July till 25 August 2011.
Still got plenty of time.

Aug 11, 2011

Cheeky Thursday!

Okay, so today is Thursday. For Tambunan's folks, happy tamu-ing! Actually I'm planning to go to tamu too today but due to several unavoidable condition, I'm not.

I want to share few photographs I've taken last month.
Location: Tambunan's Tamu Site
Its me and Eca's project. hoho

______The Yummy!______
Ahah, I've been craving for all these 'delishus' during my 3 years at Kota Bharu. 
Eca's favourite! I do not know the name. =,="
Mango. Again, mangga!!
Watermelon. From different types.
See the circled fruit? Its Buah Lemak. :D
______The Veggy______
Kangkung is my all time favourite!
Lada putih. Hardly found in Peninsular.
All new and fresh veggy. Terbaik dari ladang! LOL
Ginger or its famous dusun name, 'layo'

______Tip To Toe______
From the modern design,
To the classic 'Selipar Jepun'. Oyeah!
______The Craft______
The creative rattan baskets.
The Sompoton. I used to hear my grandpa play it during my younger age.
Wakid. My grandma carry me on it when I was little. :p
I forgot the name, but I'll never forgot how it work. hahha
These 'Barait' were made from bamboo.
The cowboy hat!
______The Jewelry______
Got many design you might like. :D
Man, are those real?
'Sasad' is used in making 'tapai'.
Oldies favourite! Sigup.
Hurm.. It have been a while.
 I miss tamu already.
 I'll have no one to go with anymore after Eca leave here.

Aug 10, 2011

Wedding Gowns Made Of Balloons.

Now I don't need Wordless Wednesday to be totally wordless.

Aug 9, 2011

Wrestling, She Said Wrestling. :D

Okay, this will be a really short post.
 Since I spend too much crap on9 already time on designing my blog. 

Phuff, not much I can say. 
Still got plenty of changes needed since all the widget was mistakenly deleted. By me of course.

Hey, will it be fine if a girl love wrestling? 

Not in term of doing it, but watching them. 
You see, when I was younger, I would stay up late at night just to watch the show with daddy. 

And I really miss the memory. 
Since the fact that I must accept now, I'll never got the chance to do so anymore.

I want to share the images of the famous wrestler, but they were just too sexy. :p

So let the cute Hornswoggle be our guest.

And Happy Fasting to all my Muslim friend. :)

p/s: I do not support violence.

Aug 8, 2011

Did Mesopotamia Disappeared?

So everyone learns history. Like people, countries sometimes change their names or disappear altogether. Have you ever wondered what happened to these places?

(^) Abyssinia, an ancient African kingdom, became Ethiopia. I read about this a lot when I was younger.

(^) Angora, the home of angora goats, became Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

(^) Burma was renamed Myanmar in 1989 by the military government.

(^) Constantinople was named after the Roman emperor Constantine. When the Turks captured the city, they renamed it Istanbul.

(^) Kampuchea is now Cambodia.

(^) Mesopotamia, everyone learn this during history lesson on secondary school. The fertile plain betwen the Tigris  and Euphrates Rivers, is now Iraq.

(^) Peking, China, is now Beijing. (Now that reminds me of 'The Karate Kid")

(^) The kingdom of Persia is now Iran. Again, the flashback of the "Prince of Persia" surronded my head.

(^) Prussia no longer exists. After World War II, it was divided among Poland, Germany, and the USSR.

(^) Rhodesia in Africa was named after an Englishman, Cecil Rhodes who encouraged European whites to 
settle in Africa. Today, Southern Rhodesia is Zimbabwe; Northern Rhodesia is Zambia.

(^) Siam is now Thailand. Hey, who doesn't know that? :p

(^) Tanganyika and Zanzibar, in Africa, United to become one country, Tanzania.

(^) Zaire, the name of one of the largest countries in Africa, was changed in 1997 to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Well people, its an advance to have such knowledge. Btw, you can always keep track of them on Google.
And I bet how many of us really know about all these name changing or disappearance huh?

Aug 6, 2011

Late Night Post.

Tonight was different from the other night.
Tonight, I stuck in my own little world of thought.
I miss my little babies.. No, not chun-chun..
Or chin-chin.
I'm talking about chiby and chaby.
Silly huh? Those poor little thing.
Vulnerable. Yerp, they are.
They became mine on February last year,
when Achin (my amor) bought them for me.
Since then, I have take care of them with all my might.
I really hope I did. 
At first, we thought they were pairs.
A male and a female.
As they grew bigger, we learn that apparently they were both male!
Miraculously, they have been really nice to each other.
(sources tell us males hamster will fight among them)
Well, I guess I nurture them perfectly. :p
When our living area was tested positive for Aedes,
each time the fogging from house-to-house was done,
I would take them out together with me.
I will never forgive myself if something bad happen to them due to my own negligence.
I never thought they will end up like this.
After a year, chiby get sick and died.
Such a tragic ending, it makes me lose hope.
Achin suggested we buy a new hamster to accompany chaby.
A female, so they can breed.
But it was too hard for me. Not everything can be replaced.
So I set my mind, I put chaby for adoption
I gave him to someone else, a family that can take a better care of him.
And the last news I heard, he had children already.
Such a sweet and adorable fella..:D
Well, I guess life's like that. Nothing last forever.
Even life itself. But the memories will remain safe..
I kept them with me wherever I go.
Geez.. I really missed my chiby and chaby so much.
One thing for sure,
they will always have their very special place in my heart.

p/s: I love you.