Aug 6, 2011

Late Night Post.

Tonight was different from the other night.
Tonight, I stuck in my own little world of thought.
I miss my little babies.. No, not chun-chun..
Or chin-chin.
I'm talking about chiby and chaby.
Silly huh? Those poor little thing.
Vulnerable. Yerp, they are.
They became mine on February last year,
when Achin (my amor) bought them for me.
Since then, I have take care of them with all my might.
I really hope I did. 
At first, we thought they were pairs.
A male and a female.
As they grew bigger, we learn that apparently they were both male!
Miraculously, they have been really nice to each other.
(sources tell us males hamster will fight among them)
Well, I guess I nurture them perfectly. :p
When our living area was tested positive for Aedes,
each time the fogging from house-to-house was done,
I would take them out together with me.
I will never forgive myself if something bad happen to them due to my own negligence.
I never thought they will end up like this.
After a year, chiby get sick and died.
Such a tragic ending, it makes me lose hope.
Achin suggested we buy a new hamster to accompany chaby.
A female, so they can breed.
But it was too hard for me. Not everything can be replaced.
So I set my mind, I put chaby for adoption
I gave him to someone else, a family that can take a better care of him.
And the last news I heard, he had children already.
Such a sweet and adorable fella..:D
Well, I guess life's like that. Nothing last forever.
Even life itself. But the memories will remain safe..
I kept them with me wherever I go.
Geez.. I really missed my chiby and chaby so much.
One thing for sure,
they will always have their very special place in my heart.

p/s: I love you.

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