Oct 14, 2012

my perfect lullaby..

Its been a while.
Yeah, it sure is.

I've stopped writing ever since I reach Penang.
Looking back to my happy December at home,
then leave for a better tomorrow.
This time it's for real,
this is my deal.

It feels like January again,,
when I left and promised to come back.
Now October's wind blowing through my pale skin,
reminding me to keep moving forward.

A very long journey,
tough road,
messed up life,
broken heart,
penniless drama queen.
but I lived.

How I wish you could see me now.

May 25, 2012

to begin with..,

When you get tired of reading the same story over and over,
write a new chapter yourself.

Dec 28, 2011

Born To Be A Ninja.

Lets try this out peeps!
Just for fun okay.
Find out your ninja name.

For example, my name is ozja.

O--> mo
Z--> zi
J--> zu
A--> ka

So my ninja name would be mozizuku!

Hey! Now if I'm a ninja, then my Chun2 would be a ninja-turtle right?
Then I should consider giving him a ninja name too! lol

saya suka mandi sungai, hari-hari saya mandi sungai!

Dec 27, 2011

Drink and Drunk.

Yeah, its true.
Just a reminder for me,
no alcohol tonight!