Oct 28, 2011

Gonna Get Down On Friday!


Yeah, what so special with Friday Voldemort?
There's Friday in every week.
I'm freaking ready for tones of work to finish today.
It's a MUST!
Since tomorrow I'll be out for another tones of fun! 
Its a 1 full day trip.
Where? I'm not telling. :p
yeah beybeh!!
Let begin now.
So, no networking till then.
Lots of love from me, and have a nice day all!

Oct 25, 2011

Tell Me Who Is.

Oh I was perfect
For the circus
If she dared me I'd do it
Love makes you stupid
I gave it up
But I guess it was not enough
'Cause she never seemed satisfied

Oooh I know I'm not perfect
But at the end of the day
Who is? Oooh
She wanted someone that's perfect
But can you tell me who is?

Oooh Ooh Oooh
Oooh Ooh Oooh

She set the bar
Just above the stars
A rocket couldn't reach it
but I still kept on reachin'
She watched me try
At least a thousand time
If she loved me she'd stop me but no

Oooh I know I'm not perfect
But at the end of the day
Who is? Oooh
She wanted someone that's perfect
But can you tell me who is?

I saw something worth my future
So wrong, so wrong
In my mind I was all it took
But I guess I wasn't wrong

Oooh I know I'm not perfect
But at the end of the day
Who is?
She wanted someone that's perfect
But can you tell me who is?

Oooh Ooh Oooh
Oooh Ooh Oooh

Who Is by Bruno Mars

Do It With Style

i can't say much.

Oct 22, 2011

Doodle Doo

Just finish blogwalking.
Guess what? I found some of the bloggers that really got the talent on making doodles.
They even make it for others.
Some just make it for free as requested and some do take payments.
I love doodles a lot.
So I tried to make one for myself.
It was a real disaster.

I got disappointed so I stop trying.
And you know what I did?
I just visit other's blog where I can view their work.
The doodles.
Some do make them base on their own personality.
And they even put it in their header.
How cute is that.^^

Oh don't mind me rambling.
I'm just jealous. LOL

Screw Me!

ba ba black sheeeeeeeepp...

#2) The Most Important Day Is Today.

Good morning to all bloggers.
And good morning to all the utm's graduation candidates.
Everyone must be so excited and nervous.
Yeah, today is the day.
The day I've been waiting for.
But I'm not there.

I know..
For not being there today will be my biggest IF starting today onward.
I'll start the first if, cause it had stuck on my head already.

#1. What IF I never got the chance to be on that damn stage again?

Damn it!
Damn it!

Later on, I'll start to regret this a lot.
But I will live.
I will carry on.

And today, I'll use a lot of cursing.

Oct 19, 2011

Beauty And The Beast

This is a calling for all the boys (and girls) out there.
Look at the image of all the girls below.

Okay, so speak your mind.
Did you notice a similarity among them?
Ugly, disgusting, horrible looks?
And maybe some of you have started to laugh.
Not just now, for every time you saw someone with unpleasant looks.

They never want to be born that way.
And who knows?
Maybe they have a kind and beautiful heart.
Better than a fine looking girls.
Better than you.
Better than anyone else in the world.

I remember this saying told by a friend:

"An ugly face, we can look elsewhere.
But an ugly manners, no matter where we turn,
they will still be ugly."


Oct 18, 2011

Its About Time..

Tell time, mark time, waste time, pass the time away.
Yeah, all I can say is that time flies and left me behind.

Yesterday I was thinking about tomorrow,
and now tomorrow is today.
Today I need to save time to make time
cause I don't have time to waste time.
I try to go back in time
searching for Aristotle, Isaac, Einstein,
and H.G Wells with his timeless Time Machine.
Time is off the essence, they say,
so I take a brief time out,
not knowing how much time I have
I fast forward to the future
wishing I could speak with Stephen
about how time changes things
and the time for every purpose.
If time stood still, perhaps it is the end of time,
or maybe it'd be the beginning of time,
just what is time?

I only know time flies and now I'm out of time,
so, until next time,
Remember, time will tell.

Oct 14, 2011

Masalah Perut Buncit?

Okay, entri Bahasa Melayu pula ni kali ya kawan2..
Sebelum tu, kasi kiiiihoooiiiiii dulu! :p

Bah, siapa yang ada masalah perut buncit tu?
Sini.. mari rapat.. mi$$ ozja mau kasi tips baik punya.

Sebelum itu, entri ini tidak bertujuan untuk memalukan sesiapa okay.
Just for fun, and just for sharing suka2.

Tips untuk mengecilkan perut buncit dengan Self-hypnosis:

#1. Bangun pagi-pagi.

#2. Berdiri tegak. Tundukkan kepala, tetapkan mata ke perut.

#3. Bongkokkan badan.

#4. Angkat sikit tu baju./ Buka terus.

#5. Lalu tampar perut banyak kali, sambil mengucapkan "Bikin malu.. bikin malu.. bikin malu...!!"

p/s: rasanya, berkesan kaini?

Oct 13, 2011

Ugly Night.

Yesterday was real ugly.
I don't really know what happen.
But as far as I'm concern, it cause us a lot of trouble.
Yeah, no water!
Luckily, I bathed before that.
And it turns uglier when there's still no water came out from the pipe when the night comes.
Just imagine how cruel was that?

No water means:
# no bath
# no drink
# no cooking
# no dish washing
# no cleaning
# no life! no everything.

Uhrg! I hate it.
We have no choice but to use drinking water for cooking.
And the uglier part for me, my stomach churn and I can't go to the toilet when there's no water!
I end up sleeping uncomfortably.

It was raining in the early morning and mummy collect some rain water that falls from the roof.
But we do not need to use them since the water is finally came out!
What a relief.

no water sucks!

Oct 8, 2011

Oct 6, 2011

Google's Trick

Yoosh peeps! Stealing some time for my bloggeez.. hee
I want to share something real fun I found the other day while looking for google images.
Missed it? Click here! *wink*

I bet maybe some have already known this,
but still, its fun, and it worth to be shared. :D

#1. Google Gravity
Open google.com, type Google Gravity in the search box and click on I'm feeling lucky button. Feel the effect of gravity on google. All page components will fall down due to gravity.

#2. Epic Google
Open google.com, type Epic Google in the search box and click on I'm feeling lucky button. Each component on the page will start growing bigger and bigger.

#3. Google Hacker
Open google.com, type Google Hacker in the search box and click on I'm feeling lucky button. How google will look if it was made by a hacker.

#4. Annoying Google
Open google.com, type Annoying Google in the search box and click on I'm feeling lucky button.

#5. Meaning of Search for Google
Open google.com, type Search in the search box and click on I'm feeling lucky button.

#6. Loneliest Number
Open google.com, type Loneliest Number in the search box and click on Search button. Find out which number is the loneliest number according to google.

#7. Meaning of Recursion
Open google.com, type Recursion in the search box and click on the search button. You can notice Did You Mean: Recursion text on top of results and it is recursively linked to the same page.

#8. Google Loco
Open google.com, type Google Loco in the search box and click on I'm feeling lucky button.

#9. The Number of Horns on a Unicorn
Open google.com, type Number of Horns on a Unicorn in the search box and click on search button.

#10. Chuck Norris
Open google.com, type Find Chuck Norris in the search box and click on I'm feeling lucky button. Google won't search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you!

I'm having fun while trying all the trick with my sissy.
Damn, I never know this before.
(Some of them ofcourse.)
Give them a shoot peeps!

Oct 2, 2011

Fashion Everywhere

Everyone has their own fashion taste differently,
we just need to think smartly,
be creative and be inspirational.

There's no need to look totally different.
Try to get in use those things which you already have with some style!

#Tip 1: Choose Appropriate Color

Take out some time and list the colors that suit you best. The most common mistake is your favorite may not look best on you. So, choose colors that make you look good (not your favorite colors). I never liked colors that doesn't fit me either. Light pink, white and black suit me best! :D

#Tip 2: Take Second Opinion

Now, maybe you already have your list of shop that colored stuff for yourself. But why not take one of your honest friend along with you and ask her if your selections suit you. And trust me, shopping with the girls are the best since most of the boys will find it boring. We girls enjoy picking clothes for hour without getting bored! LOL

#Tip 3: Spend Once, Enjoy For Long

When it's about shopping, I suggest you sometimes go for branded clothing, they may be expensive but they are worth their cost, and moreover they can be worn for long time. 2-3 pair is good, but do choose different shades like black, dark blue because they are always in.

#Tip 4: Save Money On Those Items Which You Can Change Timely

Consider getting smart tops rather than expensive branded stuff because everyone like them for 3 or 4 months  then either you get bored or they die. So just buy smart tops that suits your figure. I prefer v-shaped tshirt match with my skinny jeans as casual outfit when I go out. They make me feels and look good. :p

#Tip 5: Look For Accessories

Next, go and look for some accessories, sleek and smart. Prefer some basic stuff that you can mix with your wardrobe. Glasses, handbag, belt, bangle etc.

#Tip 6: Wear Heels

Go for heels girls, because they make you look hot and in shape. If you are tall, try wearing small heels. But be careful, wearing them too often can damage your feet! I'd rather wear wedges in change.

#Tip 7: Be Stylish

Now try to mix your stuff and get something stylish, don't go for garish and loud colors because they look cheap. Use your imagination. Observe the people around, their dressing sense and see if it would work on you. Plus, never ever ever try to dress like lady gaga. She have a weird taste of fashion.

Stay cool.

Its Been A While

Yeah, I'm hardly shown my face these days.
And if I say I'm hardly busy again,
would I sound like a complete liar?

But I did.
I do have something that keep my from writing.
Though writing always make me feel good.
I'll always have something in mind
that makes me so eager to write it down
and share it.

But again, this might sound old and demoded,
still, time mangement is very important.
Well then, I'll wake up earlier every morning.
Will it helps?
We'll see.

Still, the things that keep me busy..
I'm not telling! :p