Oct 13, 2011

Ugly Night.

Yesterday was real ugly.
I don't really know what happen.
But as far as I'm concern, it cause us a lot of trouble.
Yeah, no water!
Luckily, I bathed before that.
And it turns uglier when there's still no water came out from the pipe when the night comes.
Just imagine how cruel was that?

No water means:
# no bath
# no drink
# no cooking
# no dish washing
# no cleaning
# no life! no everything.

Uhrg! I hate it.
We have no choice but to use drinking water for cooking.
And the uglier part for me, my stomach churn and I can't go to the toilet when there's no water!
I end up sleeping uncomfortably.

It was raining in the early morning and mummy collect some rain water that falls from the roof.
But we do not need to use them since the water is finally came out!
What a relief.

no water sucks!

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Aki said...

kesian.. ai,kenapa pula teda air??