Feb 24, 2011

fAcebLOg=muKa yANG saMa mEngHaDap bLog..

jangan terasa dehh.. sy mksudkan diri sy sdiri ni..
the truth is.. sy plg rajin hadap facebook sama blog..
sblm nihh ada ba sy tbaca post si kawan ni pasal faceblog..
tp tem 2 sy in the rush, jd terabai laa.. (kunun!)
 xla sy p jenguk blk pas 2.. hahha
okay, sy copy paste dlu faceblog punya about nihh..
tp kmu buli jg klik link di atas ni k..





thats all i think.. 
long live to the king!!

saYa penCinTa CONVERSE!!

iyaahh.. u didn't get it wrong..
sy suka produk CONVERSE sgt33.. trutamanya kasut..
kalau jalan p soping2, benda pertama yang sy p belek msti kasut!
lepas 2 mula laa berangan mau tmbh koleksi.. hehehe
and this made my friends feel quaint..
they'll say "what? but u got many shoes oredi..."
this is not about having enough or not.. this is my passion..
the thing is i just love them! simple as 1 2 3..
while everyone was busy looking for the best heels that suit them, u'll find me in a corner studying CONVERSE's shoes.. hahha so unavoidable..
things like this mmg xdpt di elakkan.. LANGSUNG~~
but hold on there.. its not that i'm not the type of girl that into heels..
sy suka heels jg.. wedges.. sy pakai suma 2..
hav them in my collection too..<3 <3
tp sayang, wedges and heels xsesuai dpakai d suma tmpt and keadaan..
aigooo... what a waste.....
so,, kembali p crita asal.. my CONVERSE.. heeee
okay, here are some of the history i found on the web..
perhaps anyone would want to read more, kindly visit 
i got all the information there..:)


History of Converse 1941 - 1976
When America entered World War II in 1941, Converse shifted production to manufacturing footwear, apparel, boots, parkas, rubber protective suits, and ponchos for pilots and troops. In addition to production, Converse company designed the A6 Flying Boot worn by the U.S. Army Air Corps, sponsored scrap rubber drives, the War Savings Bond Tour, Red Cross blood drives, and supported servicemen with their newsletter Converse-ations. Employees at Converse also created a "Victory Garden" to support agricultural production. During the war, all soldiers were outfitted in Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes for basic training, and after the war, All Stars remained the standard government-issue athletic shoes for military and physical training. For its record-breaking production and war efforts, Converse company received a number of honors from the Army, Navy, and U.S. Treasury, including a prestigious "E" for Excellence award from the U.S. War Department. In 1949, the Basketball Association of America and the National League merged to become the NBA. Nearly all professional players wore Chuck Taylor All Star shoes by this time.
The Converse All Star was originally produced only in black, but after World War II, the company came under pressure from basketball teams to add additional colors. Converse yielded and a number of new colors were released in addition to the tradition black and white colorways. Hollywood gave Converse shoes a boost when actors and other celebrities wear them and help Converse All Star to transcend the world of athletic shoes to become an American cultural icon. Sneakers, especially Converse, became the preferred footwear of kids and teenagers and a symbol of youthful rebellion in the 1950's. These inexpensive shoes are work with jeans and a t-shirt by boys and skirts, sweaters, and ankle socks by girls. Film legend, James Dean officially sanctioned this fashion when he was photographed wearing jeans and white Converse sneakers. By 1955-56, Chucks are the #1 basketball shoe in America, and in 1957, seven year old Julius Erving, better known as "Dr. J," received his first pair of Chucks for $3.95 after pleading with his mother. This first pair of Chucks would launch the young Julius into a career and into basketball history when he creates a new above-the-rim style of play. Dr. J and his Converse shoes ushered in the game of basketball as we know it today.
During the 1960's and 70's, Converse released a parade of performance footwear, apparel, and accessories for basketball, tennis, football, track, and many other sports. Elite athletes lined up to wear Converse shoes and the line between sports and fashion begins to blur.


and one more thing,,
cni ada koleksi2 image kasut CONVERSE yang sy dapat dr mana2 sumber..
sssshhhh.. jan kestau urang.. hahha
feel free to check 'em out peeps!



sooo,, what do u think? lawa kan? hahha
skarang dlm rangka untuk tmbh koleksi.. but stil in doubt..
aiyee.. too many choices la..
mcm mau pajak ja 1 kadai.. tp apa buli bt..
my penniless life as student xmemungkinkn suma 2..
mau tggu kehidupan uda stabil pun.. susa jg..
by the time i got it all, my taste may also change as my age got older..
anyway, urang bilang jan siakan usia muda..
hahha.. butul baa 2.. hahha
xkan suda tua pun msh mau pkai mcm skrg..
biar la badanku tua, yang penting jiwaku sentiasa muda..
adesssss..... buli ka 2?
this stupid thought won't take me anywhere..
just a word from me..
terpulang laa mau trima ka x,,
just enjoy life to the fullest.. tp bukan la smpai bt benda xbek..
kita hidup hnya skali, do what u want, as u please,
disturb no others..
2 ja yg penting.. jan susahkan urang len ngan kegilaan kamu..
mcm sy.. sy gila, sy gila sdiri2, sy rock, sy rock sdiri2..
hahha.. thats enough, why did i write such words??
i'm not a gud person myself..
but one fact that no one else can deny,,
i'm enjoying my life,, live it my own way..
my life, my rules.

Feb 23, 2011

cOntoHi laa sAyA.. :p

selamat malam,.
ni kali laa.. mau buta sda mata sy mghadap laptop terus..
blogwalking + touch-up my own blog.. hahha
suma berwajah baru nihh..
blog sy skarang pkai kaler pink sebagai warna tema.. hahha
bru sejuk mata memandang woo..
suda sy remove 2 widget2 yang kin samak mata memandang..
yang sy excited butul p buat sblm ni smpai blog sy nmpk mcm tai ja..
yang terkena 2 minta maaf la ar..
ini entri mengarut.. jiwa tengah kacau..
bgs tdo..


Feb 20, 2011

i'M a pEnniLeSS trAVeLer.. :D

okay, this one here is based on a true story.. happen to me ofcourse..
this is not about black magic, nor ghost story etc..
pada suatu petang yang indah.. ngeeeeee


it happened about one years ago.. a day after my birthday..
since we live in a rented house, its very normal for us to go out and buy food in the nearest warung..
but on that very very very unlucky day, we suddenly decide to go to the quite far warung..
oh shit! why must they offer a tastier food anyway.. hoho
the makcik's ayam bakar was so yummy..........
erkkk! back to the story~~~
when our food is ready, its almost maghrib..
so me and my housemate (we were riding a bicycle together-gether..:p)
went home quickly since everyone will be inside their house during the prayer time..
and the havoc occur there.. just after we passed the madrasah.
(i don't know, the officer that type my report called that.. before that, i used to call it a masjid)
suddenly a man wearing white shirt with shorts coming from behind us
riding a motorcycle.. trying to scare us.. we was terrified,..
but the most unexpected thing was.. that man is a PERAGUT!!!!
he take my sony W595 away.. shit!! shit!! shit!!!!!!!!!!!

yeepp.. this was it.. exactly the same..

apart from it, that man leave me an awful memory inside the scar on my waist..


well, i'm not gonna write what happened next.. since it was way too long..
and too painful.. i even had this serious trauma on any bikes with its rider..
anytime there was a bike passed me by, i'll become terrified..
my whole body will trembled and my knee weakened..


it may sound funny for those who  heard it..
but try to be on my side and feel it yourself.. believe me, u'll never laugh again.
aiyee.. that man was suspected to be a drug addicts.. i thought so too..
who would be stupid enough to do such thing.. moreover, its maghrib..
poor me, i'm just a penniless traveler in this foreign place yet such people added my burden.. :D
but as time passed me by, i learn to forgive and forget.. i'm okay now..
except my afraid-of-the-bikes trauma.. i wonder when will it finally gone..
hurmm.. my heart hurt so bad everytime i heard theres others who become a victim just like me..
recently, a student from my college being one too.. poor her..
i heard that her tudung also pulled during the incident..
what a crazy world i'm living in..

Feb 18, 2011

iNi sPeCiaL eDitiOn~~

ahemm., ni kali laa.. sy mau post lam bm lu.. testing kunun2.. hahha
suma post2 sy sblm ni lam bi.. tp sy ni anak sabah tau.. wlaupun ada darah brunei jg..
bkn sb sy mau eksen2 ba.. sy mau kasi mantap ja bi sy..
nanti lu habis study msti sy mau cari keja kn..
lu mau dapat keja msti p interview pula.. lu interview msti lam bi.. adei!

n sy paling lemah lam bi.. bab speaking ne mahh..
result muet sy pun speaking test sgt2 terukkkk......
wlaupun test len suma ok.. tp sy tia kecewa pun.. sb mmg sy truk berspeaking.. haha
sy sdiri pun heran.. padahal lu subjek bi sy mmg buli dikatakan terror..
minta ajar la sama sy.. buli bahh.. tp jangan sekali2 suruh sy becakap..
sy hanya akan sanggup speaking tem terdesak.. iaitu presentation..
sb lu sy x buat, teda la markah.. huh! terseksa jiwa raga woo..
mau pingsan sy bdiri d depan.. nasib subjek bi suma sy suda lepas..
dapat A lg.. hohoho.. sb exam tia pyh speaking pun.. :D
sy ada jg angan2 mau masuk university of tesside ba ni.. 
sb kolej sy bersahabat sama dorang kn.. jd senang la dapat..
tiap sem dorang datang p tempat kmi.. tp perlu temuduga bei  ..
tapun ja laa~~~ len kali tunggu sy kaya, sy p ja jalan2 sana.. XD
itu ja ba 2 sy mau crita.. free butul sy ini hari.. bosan..
on9 ja keja sy.. rasa mau muntah pun ada woo.. x tahan.. adei..
mau sambung tgk drama korea who are you la..


Feb 17, 2011

MuMmy=mY iDoL=mY inSpiRaTioN

its not mothers day yet.. its not even her birthday.. but she's taking over me..
yahhhh... i'm a pitiful, recessive and pathetic big girl..
u'll heard my laugh everyday.. 
u'll hear me shout out loud even when everyone look at me with that annoying looks..
but rite now, i'm in a deep miss..
i miss her.. i miss her.. i miss her.. i miss her..
mummy i miss u.....

i'm proud that i'm mummy's girl.. 
i love the warm feeling every time i sleep beside her..
yeah, i'm 21 and i prefer sleeping with her.. :)
its because i can hardly see her everyday since i'm studying at peninsular..
i'll take all the chances i have to spend more time with her..

the last meaningful time (a day before i leave), we go shopping together..
just the two of us.. she was the best mum in the whole world..
can u believe that she still shed a tears when i leave since my semester break is over??
and as a result, my long journey from tbn to kk seems longer than ever..huhu
i cried all the way.. aiyeee.. she shouldn't show me her tears in the beginning..
but its okay, cuz i know how much she loves me.. and i'm proud of my mummy!

Feb 16, 2011

i LoVe To eAT.. A Lot... :*

erk!! its 1.00 in the morning again.. kinda weird..
 i tend to be in updating-my-blog mood during this quit specific time.. 
aiyahhh.. looks like i'll sleep late again lowrrr... 
and owh, today was fun.. i mean yesterday.. (since its 16th oredy.. haha!) 


spending time will our batch electronics engineering girls.. and one of our senior.. 
it was a blast! my tummy was so full that i almost cannot walk! 
thanks to the generous one for all the food (kak asmaa).. hehe
 i ate almost everything i can.. 
fried chicken, nasi arab, pizza, cheesy wedges, salad, potatoes, bun.. 
my oh my! me myself cant even believe it.. how can i eat that much????
nevermind, as if i'll ever gain any weight anyway..:p
okay, theres no fun if the beautiful memory didnt written in the photos rite?
here are some.. aww.. i just love them..:)

yaww.. the one with black blazer is the miss money-in-the-bank.. haha

theres only one rule. FINISH ALL THE FOOD.

aww.. i love this one.. :*

indeed, we finish it all..

waiting corner i think.. haha

i guess the escalator even get bored with me..:p

yahh.. pilih2.. as if that cloth will ever fit in me..haha

last photo snapped..


since its 16th of feb, i want to wish selamat hari tua to my brothers olesz and yanz..
heppy birthday!! i love u.. both of u..
omg! its 2.00 am oredy lerr.. bed is calling!!
buenas noches!