Feb 16, 2011

i LoVe To eAT.. A Lot... :*

erk!! its 1.00 in the morning again.. kinda weird..
 i tend to be in updating-my-blog mood during this quit specific time.. 
aiyahhh.. looks like i'll sleep late again lowrrr... 
and owh, today was fun.. i mean yesterday.. (since its 16th oredy.. haha!) 


spending time will our batch electronics engineering girls.. and one of our senior.. 
it was a blast! my tummy was so full that i almost cannot walk! 
thanks to the generous one for all the food (kak asmaa).. hehe
 i ate almost everything i can.. 
fried chicken, nasi arab, pizza, cheesy wedges, salad, potatoes, bun.. 
my oh my! me myself cant even believe it.. how can i eat that much????
nevermind, as if i'll ever gain any weight anyway..:p
okay, theres no fun if the beautiful memory didnt written in the photos rite?
here are some.. aww.. i just love them..:)

yaww.. the one with black blazer is the miss money-in-the-bank.. haha

theres only one rule. FINISH ALL THE FOOD.

aww.. i love this one.. :*

indeed, we finish it all..

waiting corner i think.. haha

i guess the escalator even get bored with me..:p

yahh.. pilih2.. as if that cloth will ever fit in me..haha

last photo snapped..


since its 16th of feb, i want to wish selamat hari tua to my brothers olesz and yanz..
heppy birthday!! i love u.. both of u..
omg! its 2.00 am oredy lerr.. bed is calling!!
buenas noches!

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