Dec 16, 2010

aHHHH..mY fuTurE is IN mY HEad,,,

currently.. this matthew sweet song.. come to california is stuck in my head.. not an interesting lyrics.. but the melody sure is.. it makes me think a lot on my future.. it cant be helped.. i'm 20.. and hasnt achieve anything in my life yet.. i know, its normal 4 sumone my age to stil be studying.. they said its for mi propio futuro.. mi propio bien.. and mi familia.. but cant i just skip all that and go to the top indeed?? i want it.. but thats the mind of a horodious cow ofcourse,, i'm running to be a rock star.. i'll run till i'm there.. theres no regret.. no turn back.. and no loosing face.. a coward will never make it.. uhrg, who am i fooling.. and what am i joking about.. going home less than a week from now.. cant wait..but.. the battle must be finished!! computer organisation, wait for me killer!! i'll show u who rules.. damn!! i'm sure good at pesky words.. hahha.. and urmmm.. did my orga lecturer just pass me by and said.. "hah! study la sangat.. study la sangat.." did he? did he? did he? yaiiiiiii... i will get a gud mark on orga sir... errrrr.. i will try?? i will!!!! trust me..:P hahha^^

woo.. this one.. boring!!!

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