Nov 27, 2010

heY buZy, aRe u tRyinG tO kiLL mE??!!!!!

its been quite some time i did not updated my blog.. been kinda busy all along the way.. with tests, assignments, projects, presentations and exam which is around the corner.. how many day left?? yai!!!! scary!! been so tired too.. spending too much time at the lab finishing the PLC project which due this saturday!! omg, all this is driving me crazy.. and about this moving house thing.. aigoooo...... the skinny me will become skinnier.... whats the worse that i can be.. an anerox?? no!!!!!...... i cant make a living with that.. haha.. just kidding.. but with all the dramas and realities that i've been facing, i still got some time to watch my fav drama series.. lie to me and ghost whisperer.. too great until i'm willing to sacrifice few hour of my sleep that i value so much.. well, i guess its ruin me.. lack of sleep make it hard for me to concentrate on the lecturing.. my body become weak, and my brain didnt get enough oxygen to make my eye stay open wider to see my lecturer infront or the writing on the white board itself.. well, i've realize that now.. so that would mean, no more my sexy girl melinda gordon a.k.a jennifer love hewitt for now.. off till i'm done with my final-killing-so-bad exam.. i better make sure i do as i said.. so hard looo...... hey!! the nature is calling, so long for now!

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