Nov 3, 2010

sOoo sTupiD La u aLL nihHH...puihhh!!!

everything went just rite until last nite.. shocking lab date that due next week!!!!! u got to be kidding me... and final exam's date that was suppose to end at 19th of December changed to 21th???!!! hell, thats crazy.. since my allowance for November is all gone (for buying my ticket back to Sabah ofcoz!!).. haha! and the closed conversation between us students with those stupid representative from @#%%# this morning that suppose to be our problem solver turns out acting selfishly by putting all the blame back to us.. hello??? we wont tell u our problems if we can solve them all by ourselves.. we're the students here.. i'm asking for our right!! ahaha.. as if i'm brave enough to speak all my minds in front of hundreds students that present there.. well, enough on that.. it wont get me anywhere anyway.. missing my sweet slave ahles ian and seli.. will call them later la.. rite now i need to think of sumthing to do.. reading maybe??.. hurm.... zzzzZZZZZZZZ

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