Oct 31, 2010

aLL tHe mi$$ anD paiN...

its been a week.. i wonder how things goes on in there.. i really hope everything will be just fine.. i've decided my path.. from now on i'll be strong again.. not strong as i used to be before.. i want to be stronger.. my darling once said to me.. 'its okay to cry.. just cry until all the pain goes away..'.. but the fact that the pain won't go just like that hurt me more.. so, no more headache for it now.. life must goes on.. everyone stumbles and falls occasionally and as much as u feel the weight of the world some days, tomorrow is always a new day.. i'm living my life to the fullest.. wit my vip: mummy, daddy, ahlesz, ian and seli; my beloved darling achin; and all my awesome friends.. and owh, my study.. this electronic engineering course.. let rock till death!!  this life is worth living.. to dearie me, cheer up!! up! up! up! this rock star instinct is back.. yay!!!

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