Oct 26, 2010

oreDi deCidEd..:'(

it really tearing me down.. i though i was strong enough to accept it but the truth is.. it still hurt me with every pieces.. do i loose him? will i ever had the change to meet him again?.. will he eat well?.. will he sleep well?..
will everyone treat him well?.. i feel like a total failure.. i cant even be a shelter to any of the people i loved so much.. why much things turn up this way?. and it happened again.. me.. crying like shit infront of my food.. damn! why am i this useless? i used to be so strong.. urm, i thought i am strong enough.. when i finally discover just how weak i am.. deep inside i'm broken into pieces.. into smallest pieces that me myself not sure wether it can ever fixed again.. i just cant handle it.. the tears that i kept for so long.. is now slowly start to show.. i'm not this emo.. but all the things that happened to me and my family recently is really out of my power to act like nothing happen.. just how am i suppose to cope with this?...

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