Oct 20, 2010

i'LL bE yOur sHeLter..

just now i received a text from mummy telling how lonely she is.. its so sad.. i cannot reply her cause i'm running out of credit.. it might sound funny, but i cant stand it.. all i can do is cried infront of my dinner.. how can i be this useless.. i'v promise her before that eventhough how hard it would be, i'll always be there for her and carry that burden together.. and where am i now?.. miles and miles away from her.. i cant even reply to her text.. how can i wipe all the pain away.. wasnt i suppose to be her shelter?.. all of this sadness, all the pain caused.. just delete them all from ur mind.. i know how hurt u are.. but mummy, please be strong.. we'll get through this and build our happy life again..

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