Feb 17, 2011

MuMmy=mY iDoL=mY inSpiRaTioN

its not mothers day yet.. its not even her birthday.. but she's taking over me..
yahhhh... i'm a pitiful, recessive and pathetic big girl..
u'll heard my laugh everyday.. 
u'll hear me shout out loud even when everyone look at me with that annoying looks..
but rite now, i'm in a deep miss..
i miss her.. i miss her.. i miss her.. i miss her..
mummy i miss u.....

i'm proud that i'm mummy's girl.. 
i love the warm feeling every time i sleep beside her..
yeah, i'm 21 and i prefer sleeping with her.. :)
its because i can hardly see her everyday since i'm studying at peninsular..
i'll take all the chances i have to spend more time with her..

the last meaningful time (a day before i leave), we go shopping together..
just the two of us.. she was the best mum in the whole world..
can u believe that she still shed a tears when i leave since my semester break is over??
and as a result, my long journey from tbn to kk seems longer than ever..huhu
i cried all the way.. aiyeee.. she shouldn't show me her tears in the beginning..
but its okay, cuz i know how much she loves me.. and i'm proud of my mummy!


Alfian J. said...

Congratz! New Wasaber. Follow all the Wasaberss to stay connected among Wasabers. ;)

Oops! Logo WSB tidak kelihatan. Sila lekat ya. TQ!



.fadzmie.met. said...

singgah sini n followed u. go wasaber! :)

Ask said...

Welcome wasaber!!
Wah~ aku anak mak..
hehe~ aku sayang mak aku..
Just follow kamu.,.
Jom tgk blog "Aku Anak Mak" =)