Feb 20, 2011

i'M a pEnniLeSS trAVeLer.. :D

okay, this one here is based on a true story.. happen to me ofcourse..
this is not about black magic, nor ghost story etc..
pada suatu petang yang indah.. ngeeeeee


it happened about one years ago.. a day after my birthday..
since we live in a rented house, its very normal for us to go out and buy food in the nearest warung..
but on that very very very unlucky day, we suddenly decide to go to the quite far warung..
oh shit! why must they offer a tastier food anyway.. hoho
the makcik's ayam bakar was so yummy..........
erkkk! back to the story~~~
when our food is ready, its almost maghrib..
so me and my housemate (we were riding a bicycle together-gether..:p)
went home quickly since everyone will be inside their house during the prayer time..
and the havoc occur there.. just after we passed the madrasah.
(i don't know, the officer that type my report called that.. before that, i used to call it a masjid)
suddenly a man wearing white shirt with shorts coming from behind us
riding a motorcycle.. trying to scare us.. we was terrified,..
but the most unexpected thing was.. that man is a PERAGUT!!!!
he take my sony W595 away.. shit!! shit!! shit!!!!!!!!!!!

yeepp.. this was it.. exactly the same..

apart from it, that man leave me an awful memory inside the scar on my waist..


well, i'm not gonna write what happened next.. since it was way too long..
and too painful.. i even had this serious trauma on any bikes with its rider..
anytime there was a bike passed me by, i'll become terrified..
my whole body will trembled and my knee weakened..


it may sound funny for those who  heard it..
but try to be on my side and feel it yourself.. believe me, u'll never laugh again.
aiyee.. that man was suspected to be a drug addicts.. i thought so too..
who would be stupid enough to do such thing.. moreover, its maghrib..
poor me, i'm just a penniless traveler in this foreign place yet such people added my burden.. :D
but as time passed me by, i learn to forgive and forget.. i'm okay now..
except my afraid-of-the-bikes trauma.. i wonder when will it finally gone..
hurmm.. my heart hurt so bad everytime i heard theres others who become a victim just like me..
recently, a student from my college being one too.. poor her..
i heard that her tudung also pulled during the incident..
what a crazy world i'm living in..

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