Oct 18, 2011

Its About Time..

Tell time, mark time, waste time, pass the time away.
Yeah, all I can say is that time flies and left me behind.

Yesterday I was thinking about tomorrow,
and now tomorrow is today.
Today I need to save time to make time
cause I don't have time to waste time.
I try to go back in time
searching for Aristotle, Isaac, Einstein,
and H.G Wells with his timeless Time Machine.
Time is off the essence, they say,
so I take a brief time out,
not knowing how much time I have
I fast forward to the future
wishing I could speak with Stephen
about how time changes things
and the time for every purpose.
If time stood still, perhaps it is the end of time,
or maybe it'd be the beginning of time,
just what is time?

I only know time flies and now I'm out of time,
so, until next time,
Remember, time will tell.

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