Oct 2, 2011

Fashion Everywhere

Everyone has their own fashion taste differently,
we just need to think smartly,
be creative and be inspirational.

There's no need to look totally different.
Try to get in use those things which you already have with some style!

#Tip 1: Choose Appropriate Color

Take out some time and list the colors that suit you best. The most common mistake is your favorite may not look best on you. So, choose colors that make you look good (not your favorite colors). I never liked colors that doesn't fit me either. Light pink, white and black suit me best! :D

#Tip 2: Take Second Opinion

Now, maybe you already have your list of shop that colored stuff for yourself. But why not take one of your honest friend along with you and ask her if your selections suit you. And trust me, shopping with the girls are the best since most of the boys will find it boring. We girls enjoy picking clothes for hour without getting bored! LOL

#Tip 3: Spend Once, Enjoy For Long

When it's about shopping, I suggest you sometimes go for branded clothing, they may be expensive but they are worth their cost, and moreover they can be worn for long time. 2-3 pair is good, but do choose different shades like black, dark blue because they are always in.

#Tip 4: Save Money On Those Items Which You Can Change Timely

Consider getting smart tops rather than expensive branded stuff because everyone like them for 3 or 4 months  then either you get bored or they die. So just buy smart tops that suits your figure. I prefer v-shaped tshirt match with my skinny jeans as casual outfit when I go out. They make me feels and look good. :p

#Tip 5: Look For Accessories

Next, go and look for some accessories, sleek and smart. Prefer some basic stuff that you can mix with your wardrobe. Glasses, handbag, belt, bangle etc.

#Tip 6: Wear Heels

Go for heels girls, because they make you look hot and in shape. If you are tall, try wearing small heels. But be careful, wearing them too often can damage your feet! I'd rather wear wedges in change.

#Tip 7: Be Stylish

Now try to mix your stuff and get something stylish, don't go for garish and loud colors because they look cheap. Use your imagination. Observe the people around, their dressing sense and see if it would work on you. Plus, never ever ever try to dress like lady gaga. She have a weird taste of fashion.

Stay cool.


Aki said...

oh,ini post berguna untuk lelaki juga ni.. Thanks Ozja.. ho ho ho.. :-p

mi$$ oZja said...

mesti laa..bukan pompuan ja mau jaga penampilan kn aki..hehe