Aug 11, 2011

Cheeky Thursday!

Okay, so today is Thursday. For Tambunan's folks, happy tamu-ing! Actually I'm planning to go to tamu too today but due to several unavoidable condition, I'm not.

I want to share few photographs I've taken last month.
Location: Tambunan's Tamu Site
Its me and Eca's project. hoho

______The Yummy!______
Ahah, I've been craving for all these 'delishus' during my 3 years at Kota Bharu. 
Eca's favourite! I do not know the name. =,="
Mango. Again, mangga!!
Watermelon. From different types.
See the circled fruit? Its Buah Lemak. :D
______The Veggy______
Kangkung is my all time favourite!
Lada putih. Hardly found in Peninsular.
All new and fresh veggy. Terbaik dari ladang! LOL
Ginger or its famous dusun name, 'layo'

______Tip To Toe______
From the modern design,
To the classic 'Selipar Jepun'. Oyeah!
______The Craft______
The creative rattan baskets.
The Sompoton. I used to hear my grandpa play it during my younger age.
Wakid. My grandma carry me on it when I was little. :p
I forgot the name, but I'll never forgot how it work. hahha
These 'Barait' were made from bamboo.
The cowboy hat!
______The Jewelry______
Got many design you might like. :D
Man, are those real?
'Sasad' is used in making 'tapai'.
Oldies favourite! Sigup.
Hurm.. It have been a while.
 I miss tamu already.
 I'll have no one to go with anymore after Eca leave here.

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