Aug 9, 2011

Wrestling, She Said Wrestling. :D

Okay, this will be a really short post.
 Since I spend too much crap on9 already time on designing my blog. 

Phuff, not much I can say. 
Still got plenty of changes needed since all the widget was mistakenly deleted. By me of course.

Hey, will it be fine if a girl love wrestling? 

Not in term of doing it, but watching them. 
You see, when I was younger, I would stay up late at night just to watch the show with daddy. 

And I really miss the memory. 
Since the fact that I must accept now, I'll never got the chance to do so anymore.

I want to share the images of the famous wrestler, but they were just too sexy. :p

So let the cute Hornswoggle be our guest.

And Happy Fasting to all my Muslim friend. :)

p/s: I do not support violence.

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