Aug 24, 2011

I Miss You.

Good night dear bloggy..

Just another melancholy of mine.
My heart drop into small yet complicated thought tonight.
3 more days to go..
3 more days before we met.
I'm not sure if I'm ready for this.

From my hurt and ego heart,
I hated him.
I hate him from the bottom and my deepest heart.
I hate everything he did.
For all the tears he cause.
For the man I never though he'd became.
For who he is.

But I hate myself more..
I've put so much hope.
Too much.
I'd close my eye and pretend.
That he's not what everyone think he is.
That he is someone better.
That he's willing to change for love sake.
And he love us.
Did he?

I always wish he'll just disappear.
I want him to leave us alone.
But not like this.
It just make me bleed more.
And I've been missed him a lot.

People can never understand.
They just blame and blame.
Try to put on my shoes and feel the pain.
Then you'll know..
Just only then you'll finally understand..

It's unbreakable.
The ties is too strong.
Its in my blood.

p/s: Dedicated to 'him' who will never read this.
I need to write in order to let loose. Stay cool.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there..