Jul 13, 2011

not funny at all. LOL

ding dong! dreamland is calling! pull up your blanket as i, the dream fairy will lead you through this journey. be happy, play it safe. u don't want to wake up in the morning knowing your nose isn't there anymore.. :P

haha.. not funny at all. nothing special today. i've been spending more than 50% of my day infront of my lappy.. updating my resume and searching for available jobs through the net. i won't consider it as a waste though.. :D

Y( =_=)""

i've started watching this korean movie 'fantasy couple' since few days ago but haven't finish them yet. all because i have to suit my time with mummy and my lil sis.. a working mother and a student. they told me not to watch it without them.. LOL


i should stop writing now, bed is calling. i don't want to end up waking up late again in the morning.. it have been my habit now since i come back home. i seriously hate it.

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