Jul 12, 2011

money making..

yoooheeeeeeeeeeee....now i seriously need to start making money.. hurm, anyone?? part time job maybe. job on9 will do too.. i'll do anything.. if not, i'll have no money to attend my graduation by the end of october. CRAZY!! i've been waiting for that moment for quit some time.. and now i'll have to cancel it from my event list??? no way!! uhrg!! just give my damn money!! LOL

now i sound scary huh. i'm so sorry,, i'm just being frustrated.. i'm upset with myself. feels like a useless person.. spending years and came out for nothing. oh God, please don't let this small matter ruin me. yeah, money can't buy us happiness. Jessie J was right.. i know.. ngeeee..

okay, so come on peeps, time won't wait! i need to start making my plan. u'll hear from me again. soon!


Aki said...

aiya,ngam2 projek c Aki yang mo bincang2 sama ko tu ari kensel oh.. sori ah Ozja.. tia dapat tulung..

mi$$ oZja said...

its ok ba aki..banyak lg peluang d luar sana..hehe

Peggy's said...

dd, sya ada maok ctw ko..pasal money making jua..huhu..

mi$$ oZja said...

peggy, just text me.. adesss