Jun 6, 2011

rOar! RoaR! oucH!!

a gEEk shoW.


2 paper more..
i'm crazy oredy..
and this even make me crazier~~
when this all come to the end,
i'll be a couch potato..
sleep, eat, sits all day watching tv..
uhrg! i can't wait..
now, all i do is study! study! study!
studying till vomit..
and sulking with myself for that..
i miss being free so much..
i miss home and everything..


i think that industrial automation and robotics
paper had really drive me crazy..
right now i feel like a mad monster,
chasing and roaring over all the birdie..

thats it.
just let the the past stay there.
its done anyway.
i'm too tired~~
physically and emotionally*..
need a very long sleep..
dear morning, slap me when we met again.
will be missing u.


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