Jun 7, 2011

LaY mE iN tHe beD oF RoSeS.

this ain't a love song.


its 3.24 in the morning.
this is why i hate going to bed too early..
i'll end up waking as early as the chicken haven't even awake themselves.
but i really need to get loose..
if i didn't, i might end up crying alone under my blanket..
and the night will be a very long one.
and lonely too.


but now that i'm awake..
it just can't be helped.
i don't know what should i do.
close my eye and try to sleep again..
such a sad remedy.


spend a day in my shoes
then see what the hell i go through..
it's so rigorous.
doing what i do..
always on point,
always on cue.
guess life's just so hectic..
call it a zoo..
think you understand..
if you only knew.

if you only knew..

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