May 7, 2011

moMMy, u aRe mY oNe truE LOVE.. :)

yeah, i know how busy i am lately..
and how awful i'v spend almost all of my days..
i don't even have enough time to manage this blog..
but i force myself to write this one special entry..
cause its may.. and i'v been waiting for this moment to come..
i want the whole world to know it..
i don't care.. i won't give a damn..
this is not about me..
and its not about u either..
i'm writing this for the most wonderful women shining in my world..
yup, its my mommy..
and right now, i'm shouting from far across the sea..

mommy, i love u!

it all started last friday when i attend the friday mass..
at one time, all the mothers present there were told to go infront 
and their children come to them bringing flowers..
then a song about mother's day was sang.. 
i can't remember the title..
but it really touched my deepest heart..
so sweet.. and at that moment.. i cried.. yeah i did..
the image of my own mother came to my sight..
i miss her.. i really do..
i really hope i could be with her.. 
right now.. always..
the women that would shed a tears 
every time i left home..
the women that would tell me how much 
she miss me when i forgot to call...
the women that had never complaint 
every time i came asking for help,,
the women that never regret for all the loose 
she had because of me..
the women that would tell me everything 
just to make me stay on the phone longer..
i know how much suffer she had..
i know how much tears had fall through her eyes..
i just want to be her shelter..
i want her to be happy..


a mother is a blessing, a best friend and someone who
loves us for who we are..
a precious warm hug on the coldest of days...
a mother walks in when the rest of the world walks out..

mommy, i'd do everything just to make u smile..
cause my love to u is unconditional..
this poem is not mine.. but i really want to dedicate this for her..

I love her 'cause she's always there,
To help me up when Life's not fair,

To kiss it better when it pains,
And scrub away the dirty stains,

To make me laugh when I am mad,
To comfort when I'm feeling sad.

And even when I'm down and blue,
She'll pick me up and push me through.

I love her 'cause she's always there,
To be my friend, to always care,

Never too busy to understand,
To love me, and to hold my hand,

To push all other things aside,
So that my needs won't be denied,

To tell me, "No," when it's not right,
To say, "Don't let the bed bugs bite."

Mom, no one can compare to you,
Without your love, what would I do?

I love you more than anyone,
I want to be just like you, Mom.

i miss u mommy.. i miss u.. i miss u..
i love u more than the world could ever imagine..

you beloved daughter, ozja.

p/s: i turn completely emotional while writing these..
my oh my..

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