May 31, 2011

foR youR Love iS kiNd.. :)

may the good God bless you~~
may the good God bless you~~~
may the good God bless you.....
may the good God bless you...

and blow the candles!!

yeah, today is the day the woman who gave birth to me
was born herself..
my mummy..
its suppose to be the happiest day for her..
indeed, she is happy right now..
my brothers and sister throw a surprise party for her..
and for me..
i'm so sad.. too sad that my tears gonna fall in any sec..
i want to be there too..
i want to be there with them..
through all the joyful laugh..
urghh!! sentimental pla..
this 1 thing i'm not ashame of..
and i want the whole world to know..
i'm my mummy's girl..
and i'm proud of it!!
and i love my mummy so much..
too much..
too much that i would do anything just to see her smile again..
just to see happiness in her eyes..

mummy, happy birthday..

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