Dec 20, 2011

Still Counting. :))

Tik tok, time do run as fast as they can.
We're running together. lol
How's christmas preparation for all who celebrate it?
For all the decorations and the christmas tree??
Oredi got one?

We got ours stand nice and perfect on one side of the house already.
Gawd I'm so excited!
4 days to go before christmas and we still got a long row of to-do-list.
Lets left that behind for now.

Tomorrow will be another special day for me.
Visiting dad..
I've meet him last two week but right now I'm missing him again.
People who knows me might get shock.
But I'm not ashamed anymore.
I love my daddy.
Let the world know that.

Dear santa, please give me daddy for christmas..
pretty please?..................

1 comment:

nev said...

Wheres ur dad? Neways Have a merry celebration!