Sep 23, 2011

That Man.

Hyun Bin, I love you!

p/s: Shot! This is what happen after I watched Secret Garden.
I never feel this way when I watched him in My Name Is Kim Sam Son.

I search through the net and found that this was Hyun Bin last project 
before entering the military service. And he also sang "That Man"
even he's not a singer! It's a success. The way he sang it, full of soul
and it tugs my heartstrings. 
I burst in tears when he cried while writing the letter in ep 17.
Urgh! I think I should watch it again.

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Aki said...

si Aki jeles ni.. T_T.v.. Bagus ko pujuk.. Ha ha ha.. I wish I'm Hyun Bin.. :-p