Sep 15, 2011

Thank You For Being Born.

Heard these saying somewhere?
Yeah, if you ever watch korean drama
"You Are Beautiful", you'll remember it.

It's when Go Mi Nyu 
(I don't quit likee the name, it sounds like cow in chinese. LOL)
hugs Hwang Tae Kyung 5 minutes before his birthday is over.
And whisper these words to his ear:

"Since today is the day you were born, it is a truly precious day.
Thank you for being born."

(damn, that brought tears to my eyes.)

Abandoned by his own mother,
cursed for being born in this world.
How tragic is that?

I've watch this drama like 4 times already.
And still loving it.
Its not ordinary for me to write such review on
any korean drama since I've watched too many of them.
It would took times to write about each.
But these days I often thinking about life and death.
How people wasted life like it was just a piece of useless paper.

And the death,,
Yesterday you see them with big laugh on their face.
And today they told you he's gone.

Is all I can say.
Thats why I'm very thankful for still being able to breath.
And feel the greatness of God's beautiful creation.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)

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