Jul 1, 2011

yOu tHere!! i waNt mY moneY!!

what a saying..
yerrpp, i've finished my study..
but no.. i haven't found any job yet..
in short, i'm free and jobless..
hell thats embarrassing.
uhrg, think i'm just desperate..
i need a job immediately!!
i've studied in diploma for ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING
and here i am..
stuck at home babysitting this two old babies of our.. hahha
nevermind.. things will change..
i know.. right??
i mean its not even a month since i finished my study.
yuuuppp.. think positive..

okayy.. enough on that..
since i hold the time of the world,
think my blog would need a new look..
will be busy renovating.
till then..
so long...


Azeanthy Paiman said...

wow,u took Dip in engineering??what the great course u taken. its tough dear!!

congrats for you, and i wish you can get a happy news of job as soon as possible.=)

mi$$ oZja said...

thanks..i wish so too..:)