Jul 5, 2011

muRmurRinG iS BoRinG!!

dear me,, hows life? uhrg! screw me! i've just finish blogwalking.. so life goes on huh. currently.. currently.. currently.. and i'm currently up-dating my blog post.. :D

neither on facebook, blog, tv, or news paper.. people was busy talking about the "BERSIH 2.0" thing.. i have no idea what its all about.. but somehow it had something to do with the politics. end it here.

another currently thingy, i'm reading this old book of mine "Thanks For The Memories" by Cecelia Ahern. yeah, kinda embarrassing but i haven't finish reading it yet.. haiyah! but the "p/s I Love You" had surely done. :D i'm looking forward to have all the collection of her masterpiece..

there's more than these.. :D

the babe behind it.. :D


hohoho.. think i've just run wild in this entry.. no specific idea.. its okay though. i've shared about Cecelia.. :)
beautiful girl. isn't she? weeee.. i almost can't believe it.. when i first bought "p/s I Love You", i thought she was a model.. hahha 

well, same thing goes here. i could have been an architect if i didn't get lose.. :P
but i never regret it. really.. getting older and having no job kills me sometime.. i used to hope that i'll finish my study as quick as possible before.. and now.. guess what?? i'm desperately want to face those book again. i'm sick! well, think i need to seriously consider of furthering my study after this..

okay, i need to stop writing before i continue murmuring of my present situation. i don't want to make somebody getting ill of reading my post,, please forgive me. this will the last entry where i'd mention  about the jobless me! haha..

so, lets call it a night..


Miss Eunice said...

cecelia ahern..is she good? i mean..her books..hee..=)

mi$$ oZja said...

yerp.. her first novel "p/s I Love You" had became an international bestseller at the time and was also adapted into a major motion picture. Later, her other novels were also became number one bestsellers. try to read any of her masterpiece, u won't regret it.. :)

Aki said...

Hehehe... buku2 dia memang best.. ^_^.v.. Macam p.s I Love U tu,kena kasi jadi Filem.. ^_^.v..

mi$$ oZja said...

butul tu aki.. :)

Miss Eunice said...

ahh..that's why the tittle "p/s i love you" sound so familiar. haha..well, thanks! will buy her books soon! ^^