Jul 24, 2011

Living is not a choice. Dying is not either.

Pheww.. Its been some time since i last shared things on this bloggy. (last wednesday! LOL) I've been busy. hahha.. Yeah, i did.

The thing is, i don't want to regret any time loss. I've found a new hobby.. Yerp, playing guitar. Its not as easy as 1 2 3 ya know.. and i'm not an expert yet. :D

Actually i've try to learn how to play it since... what?? years ago? But none of them succeed. Yeah, its me who get excited at first and ignore it as i get busy on my study later on. Plus, i don't own a guitar back then. Old story. So yesterday!


Another breaking story, Amy Winehouse's death. 

I once adore her since i loved her 'Back To Black' so much. Personally, i think she is a very talented artist. Beautiful in her own way.. But drugs and alcohol had destroy her. 

Tragic. At 27 years old, she could have still on her run achieving the best in her life, but she choose not to. As Lily Allen said~~"She was such a lost soul".

She's going back to black. =_="


Azeanthy Paiman said...

great hobby!u had chose the right hobby for this moment.i used to play guitar too.and i just can't help my fingers from playing a guitar for the most of the time.

and yups, Aemy was a great artist..she had a talent,but drugs and alcohol had ruined her. what to say..

Amanda Rina said...

Guitar ? Why not ? =) .. Just be passionate and it'll be easier to learn though learning has no end =) .. Yup, I'm shocked hearing the news, it's such a loss .. RIP ..

mi$$ oZja said...

@Azeanthy Paiman: yeah,me too.. the top of my finger get hurt when i played too much. but now it seem like mine have start to grow a thicker crust. :)

mi$$ oZja said...

@Amanda Rina: yeah, think i'm passionate enough now. i'm looking for more songs code but hardly found a simple one on the net.. :)

iphotoshoot said...


Amanda Rina said...

Well, depends on what genre of music you like =) .. But I recommend Avril Lavigne's songs - When You're gone .. There are many version of chords though, depending on your voice and guitar tuning .. No worries =) I'm sure you'll make it ! :D

mi$$ oZja said...

@Amanda Rina: thanks..i'll be sure to try the song. :)