Jun 3, 2011

GiveAway EdY: JanGan Main maiN!

hahha.. dalam busy study tuk final ni..
sempat la menyempitkan diri untuk join contest..
just want to cheer myself up a bit..
iya.. ini giveAway eDy lg.. 
last time i joined for the ray ban..
but it was a total loose.. ;p
this time i'm putting some hope to win any of the prizes..
okay, if anyone wish to join, just click the link upstairs.

last but not least..

i'm tagging my friend:

cheers for the alienation!


Edy Zaidi said...

thanks sudi join giveaway ni...good luck yer...:)

leyzajamil said...

gud luck!

mi$$ oZja said...

yeah, gudluck to me!!hehe

Nurazira Abd Ghani said...

goodluck! :D

mi$$ oZja said...