Mar 17, 2011

tHe tiMe iS ruNNing!

my time was burn just like this??
why in the first place did i watch-back my fav harry potter series in the wrong time??
urgh! looks like my quiz tomorrow will be another sinful regret..
oh well, just forget it..
since all of my previous quiz have been the same..
tonight, the bed bugs really does bite!
must get to bed now,
or else, it'll be just another reason for being late to class tomorrow..
its an 8.00 am class!!

p/s: tomorrow will be the last day of classes since the mid-sem-break is coming!!
      yay!! owh bed bugs, just bite me once and for all!


Anonymous said...

Hi ozja.. so done with quiz? how was it?.. hope u done well..;p goodluck!

mi$$ oZja said...

yaww edith..xmasuk kelas pun..lambat bgun!!hahha