Oct 17, 2010

ruNNing Out oF tHings tO saY?????eWwwwwww...

sumtimes things become so unclear.. me me me and me!! uhrg!! i want to change.. no more games.. reduces facebooks.. dont let all the useless crap bothering my head.. and i'm being quit a sleeping head lately.. sleep early and wake up late..:P
wont it be great if i'm as brilliant as Einstein or anyone that have success in every way.. yarkk!! not in a million years! oh yeah,i finally get my old hair style back.. i will never ever ever ever cut my hair like that again! i'm looking forward for a better hair cut in the future.. but i need to wait until my hair is long enough.. or else, my dad will kill me if he saw me with short hair again this semester break.. beside that, my darling wish to see me with long hair.. i surely doesn't want to disappoint him.. i'll look ugly in long hair, but i'm sure he wont care.. *wink* i look back to some of the photograph of mine taken during highschool, this thought came into my mind.. "eww, was that really me? how can i let myself look that ugly??!!" ahaha.. the memories of me and my long hair has become a legend in my life.. i'll never let that be 'me' again.. shhhh, dont let my mummy know this.. cuz she's the only one that think i look cute with that long curly hair.. but after all, i still miss everything i have back then.. i miss my mummy, my daddy.. and the three sweet slave of mine.. ahlesz, ian and seli.. i used to be the their babysitter.. cleaning the house, cooking, and taking care of them.. how close we are.. now i'm miles away.. and its been 10 months since i last go home.. i'm a strong girl.. i'll be home again this semester break, wait for me!!!!

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